Financial Advisor

Position Number: FA
Location: Dublin (Tri-county)
Hours: Mon-Friday

Position Summary:

The Financial Advisor provides members and non-members with complete portfolio services including; securities and insurance products as well as collateral services. The incumbent is also responsible for departmental marketing activities and interfaces with product sponsors. Actively support referrals and product training of Financial Center staff members at assigned Financial Centers.


Accountability: Consultative Solution- Based Advisor

Knowledge of the Market

Can discuss thoroughly: Competition and location; Their primary products and services; their major strengths and limitations and their pricing arrangements, fees, and rates.

Knowledge of Wealth Management Products and Services

Can accurately explain: features and benefits of the Wealth Management investment products; related products and services; rates, and fees.

Knowledge of Self

Understands personal communication style and can adapt appropriately to

Can project own personal sales/service capabilities.

Knowledge of Compliance

Participates in activities to keep licenses current.

Can accurately explain: member characteristics that meet suitability guidelines and investment products in a compliant manner.

Knowledge of Members

Identifies present members with greatest new business potential.

Identifies where and how to develop sales opportunities .

Identifies how to evaluate selling opportunities.

Identifies future plans and goals of members.

Identifies who makes and influences action decisions.

Identifies feasibility of applying investment services.

Identifies potential Private Banking, Mortgage Services, Business Services and Business Product Services opportunities.

Keeps prospect or member information up-to-date and organized including written sales plan.

Sales Planning Skills

Schedules 20 prearranged face-to-face sales calls per week

Plans 60 phone sales calls per week to members who have not invested with Technology Credit Union.

Plans 10 phone sales calls each week to maintain contact with members; e.g.
introduce new products, make aware of product or procedure changes, and ideas for meeting additional member needs, etc.

Completes a sales plan in preparation for the majority of scheduled contact;
i.e. appointments made with members/ prospects either inside or outside the credit union; and scheduled telephone calls.

Applies professional investment sales planning skills: gathers key facts about the
member; reviews compliance regulations and suitability issues and incorporates them into sales plan; and identifies possible investment needs including current or potential trust products.

Establishes a minimum and maximum goal for the sales call; plans facts to review and questions to ask; and develops examples to use to illustrate feasibility of satisfying member investment needs and anticipates products and features to explain.

Plans decision question to be asked; anticipates resistance likely to be encountered and prepares to handle it; prepares product literature, sales tools and visuals to be used to communicate investment product features and benefits as part of the face-to-face sales call.

Attends offsite Organization Meetings directly related to the High Technology Community on a regular basis.

Coordinates all sales activities with appropriate departments including: Business Development, Mortgage Services, Private/Personal Banking and Business Services.

Prospects to the C-level High Tech Company executives and develops sales strategy and focus within this community.

Accountability: Uses Consultative Sales Skills

Establishes rapport: greets members courteously and discusses interests.

Detects and defines needs: asks open-ended questions and summarizes identified needs.

Explains solutions: uses benefit statements relevant to member needs; identifies appropriate product solution; “Translates” industry-related concepts
that may be technical or unfamiliar into member-oriented language and explains product features and benefits.

Recommends action: defines next action step; suggests how to implement and handles resistance in a consultative manner.

Follows up with all member sales to ensure satisfaction standards per product to be established by SVP Wealth Management.

Keeps commitments made to member on a timely basis.

Accountability: Function Responsibilities

Conducts business in accordance with professional standards of Securities and Exchange Commission, National Association of Securities Dealers and internal policies.

Complies with FINRA Rules of Fair Practice concerning the members’ financial status, tax status, investment objectives and other factors prior to making investment recommendations.

Assists in complying with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines related to investments and insurance.

Keeps abreast of investment and insurance markets for new products or changes; keeps current and understands disclosure requirements.

Assures actions to avoid increased commissions as a result of break points set for volume sales.

Coordinates and participates in seminars, workshops, training sessions for staff.

Maintains accurate and detailed files for member transactions.

Accountability: Uses Follow-up Skills and Follows Through on Sales/Referral Opportunities

Follows through and makes certain the account/product/service is operating efficiently.

Monitors investments and recommends changes as appropriate.

Fully informs other departments of details involved in handling member when appropriate.

Updates account development strategy following each sales call with top 50 members.

Member Referral Skills

Applies consultative sales skills to identify opportunities to refer members to other areas of the credit union for additional sales opportunities.

Gives basis for recommendation by expressing benefits to member.

Refers members to different areas of the credit union: phones ahead and gets name of contact; gets immediate appointment when possible and provides the name and phone number of other appropriate credit union personnel to member with details of appointment.

Makes follow-up call to thank member and assure member satisfaction.

Accountability: Strives to Achieve Goals

Participates in Broker Dealer product education and training
Participates in investor seminars.

Establishes with Manager personal goals for: number of phone sales calls per
week; number of pre-arranged face-to-face sales; number of mailings per quarter; number of investor seminars per quarter; improving sales behaviors; e.g.
knowledge of competitors and/or investment products, planning skills, consultative sales skills.

Initiates with Manager the scheduling of: monthly account development strategy sessions; joint sales calls (inside and/or outside the credit union) on a quarterly basis; quarterly coaching sessions and action plans designed to facilitate the achievement of sales behavior and sales activity goals identified through the quarterly sales performance/Gap Analysis process.

Focuses on Branch Interaction

Follows up on all investment referrals received from other employees of the
credit union and coordinates with them as needed to obtain additional sales.

Coaches branch personnel to increase appropriate referrals.

Attends all designated branch sales meetings.

Participates in training meetings provided by other areas of the credit union to
ensure correct use of referral system and to improve referral skills and knowledge of other staff.

Promotes awareness of investment products and services through frequent interaction with branch personnel.

Monitors investment-related and Wealth Management product goals with Financial Center Managers.

Reinforces importance of team relationship between branches and Technology Wealth Management Division.

Accountability: Personal Development

Establishes personal goals with Manager.

Develops an action plan designed to facilitate the achievement of identified goals.

Participates in the credit union’s professional training programs to refine skills and knowledge.

Participates in government, civic, non-profit and/or volunteer organizations and activities, thereby demonstrating Technology Credit Union’s commitment to community involvement along with VP Community Development , Business Development and Business Services

Accountability: Confidentiality, Portfolio, Consent

Holds confidential all records whether original, duplicated, computerized, memorized, handwritten or in any other form, and all information contained therein, including names, addresses, phone numbers and financial information of any account Member and client records are confidential and are the sole exclusive property of Technology Wealth Management Division.; provided however, any records on Broker Dealer forms are Broker Dealer property which Tech CU Wealth Management may copy at their own expense Registered Financial Advisors will not use this information or remove any such records from the office except for the sole purpose of conducting business on behalf of the Broker Dealer and Tech CU Wealth Management. Registered Financial Advisor agrees not to divulge or disclose this information to any third party and under no circumstances will the Registered Financial Advisor reveal or permit this information to become known to any competitor either during the term of his or her employment hereunder or at any time thereafter.

If, at any time, the Registered Financial Advisor shall resign or be terminated, with or without cause, the Registered Financial Advisor agrees that for a period of two (2) years following his or her termination, he or she will not solicit by mail, phone, personal meeting, or by any other means, either directly or indirectly, any member or account served by the Registered Financial Advisor or any member or potential member whose name became known to the Registered Financial Advisor during his or her tenure as a Registered Financial Advisor at Tech CU Wealth Management Division. All accounts remain the sole property of Technology Wealth Management Division.

Incumbent also agrees that since damages for violation of the covenants contained in the description may be difficult to ascertain, Broker Dealer, Technology Wealth Management Division or the Credit Union shall be entitled to injunctive relief and the Registered Financial Advisor agrees and consents to the issuance of a temporary restraining order or preliminary, or permanent injunction as well as any other relief available in law or equity.


Supports the Credit Union’s Mission & Vision and Lives the Tech CU Values (Accelerate, Collaborate, Innovate, & Cultivate).
Meets on a monthly basis with manager to discuss goal alignment, performance metrics, and development plans.
Adheres to Policy & Procedure put forth in employee handbook; upholds employee Code of Conduct/Ethics, and ensures confidentiality of the workplace.
The employee will comply with all rules and regulations as defined by applicable regulatory agencies. The employee will also adhere to all internal controls and security measures designed to ensure regulatory compliance with State and Federal laws.


Typically has at minimum:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

Licensure/Skills: FINRA Series 7, 63, (65 or 66 preferred) and Life, Accident, Health Insurance licenses required. A clean Form U-4 is necessary. Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation preferred.

Experience: 2+ years sales experience in the capacity of Investment Advisor, within financial services industry. Must possess excellent customer service, communication and presentation skills. Seeking enthusiastic and self-motivated "people-person." Exhibits an advanced level of performance, requiring minimum supervision.
Practices high quality service standards in all interactions with customers, prospective customers and personnel, and other departments within the credit union.

Physical Requirements: Ability to sit 70% of the day. Keyboard and read computer screen for 90% of time during which one is seated. Stand approximately 30% of the day. Ability to travel to financial centers, educational events and other locations as requested.

Travel: Holds a valid California Drivers’ License. Possess current automobile insurance. Willingness to drive one’s own auto to conduct Credit Union business. Applicable IRS mileage reimbursement rate will be provided for business/credit union approved business travel within Bay Area Counties: Alameda county, Santa Clara county, Santa Cruz county and San Mateo county.

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